The conditions of the lease contract of our vessels are the following:


The boat will be skippered exclusively by the skipper designated in the contract that will be signed before the delivery of the boat and that will have sufficient qualification for the management of the rented boat.

The rental price will be paid by the Renter in the following way: 30% as a reservation to the formalization of the same and the rest before boarding. No reservation will be considered firm until the mentioned 30% income has been received. In the event that the reservation is canceled by the Renter, it will be penalized with 50% of the total if it were 30 days or more before boarding and 100% less than 30 days.

To be able to dispose of the boat, the Lessee must deliver as a deposit the amount of 1,000 euros for rents without skipper and 500 euros for rents with a skipper of more than one day.

In the price of the contract, for more than 1 day, are not included, nor fuel consumption, nor stays in port other than the base of the boat, nor the final cleaning of the boat, which will always be on behalf of the tenant . The lessee must deliver the boat with the full fuel tank, otherwise, he will pay the amount of 6 euros for each hour of start-up of the engine, as indicated in the ship’s hours counter.

The vessel that is the object of this contract will be exclusively destined to recreational navigation, and can not be used to carry out commercial or lucrative operations.

The Lessee agrees to use the leased boat as if it were his property according to the rules of the good navigator, scrupulously complying with the legislation in force and with respect to the instructions of the different Port Captaincies.

It shall be the obligation of the Tenant to maintain the leased vessel in good condition of use, as well as all the facilities, accessories and extras existing therein.

Under no circumstances may the government of the vessel be transferred to a person other than the one designated in the contract.

The Lessee agrees not to participate with the boat object of this contract in any regatta or in any sports competition.

The vessel must navigate only within the Spanish jurisdictional waters.

The Lessee undertakes not to leave the boat moored or anchored, without any person on board, in rada or unprotected waters and that does not require payment of mooring rights.

The Renter undertakes to transport on board the leased vessel only the authorized number of persons.

The Lessee is liable for any damage or damage that occurs in the leased vessel, and for the loss or loss of any of its elements or accessories. Any damage, damage, loss or loss that the boat suffers will entitle the holder to reduce the amount necessary to repair the deposit, subsequently practicing the corresponding settlement.

The Tenant will be responsible for the proper use of the communications equipment and safety of the boat.

The vessel will be delivered to the tenant and returned by the same in the base port of the same, that is to say at the Marina Miramar Marina in Santa Pola

The delay in the withdrawal of the vessel by the lessee for cause attributable to it, will not determine the extension of the lease term. In the same way, if climatic or similar circumstances make it necessary to delay the departure to the lessee, it will not give the right to a reduction in the price nor to the extension of the term foreseen in this contract.

In the event that the lessee delivered the vessel in a port other than the one designated in this contract, the company shall deduct € 400.00 for every 100 miles or fraction of 100 miles away from the base port.

The delay in the return of the vessel by the lessee in its home port, will entitle the company to retain the deposit and claim the lessee, the payment of the amount of € 50.00 per hour, with a maximum of € 500.00 € for each day of delay.

In the event of any accident affecting the boat, its crew, passengers, third parties or property, the Lessee, by formalizing an accident report in writing, will inform the company of the causes, circumstances and consequences of what happened, as well as the names, surnames and address of the person who caused the event, the witnesses and the injured parties, if any.

CharterSantaPola may terminate this contract in the event that for reasons beyond its control could not make available to the lessee the vessel contracted on the date to be delivered, in such case the lessor will reimburse the tenant the amount delivered to account. In no case may the lessee claim compensation for the unavailability of the object vessel


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